My First “Shop With Me” for TikTok

I filmed my first TikTok video today. I’m pretty excited to start this journey and see where it leads me but there are some things that I learned from this experience today which will help me in the future.

#1 – Plan ahead. I had a general idea of how to take the shots I needed, but I think my filming could have used some work. It didn’t help that I was nervous about filming in public either.

#2 – Take pictures. I did not get any still pictures for thumbnails nor did I get any photos to use in my associated blog post (this one). So I had to take a screenshot of one of the clips. That does not make for the best quality, but it will do for this first attempt.

#3 – Be ready to edit. This goes along with the plan ahead topic as well. The content I posted today was 1:48 in length but it took me probably close to an hour to edit and that was pretty basic editing.

Do you film TikToks? If so, what tips would you have for someone just starting out?

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